IT Consulting and Software Engineering


Project selection

I'm an IT consultant and software engineer with a background in mathematics. Before becoming a freelancer in 2019, I was a business consultant at msg.


I've been involved in several projects as an IT consultant and full stack developer at Volkswagen Financial Services.

In those projects, I've gained extensive knowledge of financial products in the automotive sector, as well as the claims process.

I have used a wide range of tools with a focus on the .NET Framework and Angular.

HDI - Talanx

The BS2000 decommissioning was one of Talanx's major projects over several years.

I designed and implemented insurance products that met the dynamic requirements of the market and at the same time allowed old contracts to be continued. 

The development took place in the specialized insurance software msg.PM.


In 2022, I worked on a project at Manifold, my first professional experience with American startups.

The tech stack is a React frontend with Firebase as BaaS. But that might have changed by now, the feature velocity is very high!

For more information, please find below a link to my detailed profile (2 pages, PDF). Feel free to download and share with interested parties.